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Business Phone Service

Reliable Phone Solution






Maintenance Cost

and cut your bill


Business Cloud Phone

Fast, reliable & managed internet service for your business with unlimited usage to keep your business running at high speed! Your Internet is fully monitored and managed by the Dedicated CIK Business support team.

Benefits of CIK Business Phone


End-End Service

As one of leading ISPs and 15 years experience of providing quality Internet and VOIP Service in Canada, CIK Telecom provides One-Stop Customized Solution to cater to all your business need, QOS guaranteed by entire process monitoring

Easy organization and Switching

No complicated internal networking planning and organization, simply access your IP Phone into Internet anywhere, wired or WIFI regardless where your phones are locared



$0 Upfront,$0 Maintenance Cost and cut your bill

No Equipment Purchase, No Installation, No Maintenance. No cost concern with unlimited Canada-wide calling, free internal calling, and low international calling rate.

Easy tracking and management

You could manage your entire phone system, or even track and analyze every single phone call on your visualized panel to improve operational efficiency and team performance.

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